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Premiere: Lisa May – Pong Ping

Premiere: Lisa May - Pong Ping

Emerging Australian techno DJ and producer Lisa May takes a major step up with her latest studio offering, as she makes a return to Victor Ruiz’ Volta imprint.

The label – despite only launching in 2022 – has already released music from the likes of Christian Smith, Alex Stein, and Ignacio Arfeli, and continues to push both established artists and new talents.

Lisa’s back catalogue boasts outings with record labels such as Fe Chrome and Allfriends Records, though Volta is certainly the biggest imprint that she’s released with so far.

Her second appearance with the label brings her ‘Switch’ EP, which combines original titles ‘Switch’, ‘Pong Ping’, and ‘Radio Signal’ – we premiere ‘Pong Ping’ exclusively in full.

The track is a chunky techno cut which brings big percussive knocks and strong kick drums, layered over a dense and roaring spread of low end frequencies.

Lisa May – Switch EP drops August 25th on Volta.

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