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Premiere: Lee Van Dowski – Sol Invictus

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Rating: 8.5

A rave in Southern France in 1993 was to be the moment of musical clarity for Lee Van Dowski. The togetherness and euphoria that radiated from that fateful night all but confirmed the producer’s ambitious thoughts. It was then he decided to dedicate his life to music.

Since then the Zurich based artist has established himself as a wonder in electronic composition. You will recognise the tribal techno sound of Dowski’s ‘050504’, a track adored by Cocoon head Sven Vath. Mobilee, headed by Anja Schneider and Ralf Kollmann, was to be the musical archery where Dowski could string his creative bow. He’s described the freedom that the label gives to artists as “endless” and has released a variety of projects on both it and its sister imprint Leena.

Now, Dowski makes his debut on MOOD Records with the Evar EP. ‘Sol Invictus’ sounds out like a bomb threatening alarm in a dystopian world. Rich in emotion, the track could be implemented as the soundtrack to a scene of a sci-fi drama. The invincible sun glares down on a forgotten world populated with peril.

The Evar EP comes out on MOOD Records on January 27th.