Premiere: Kradriff - Groans Of Misery | Soundspace

Premiere: Kradriff – Groans Of Misery

Premiere: Kradriff - Groans Of Misery

Rating: 7.0

Emerging techno producer Kradriff returns for what is most-definitely his biggest and most impressive release to date.

Despite the London-based artist still waiting for his first official release with a label, his efforts so far have proved fruitful, with three self-released productions coming out in the past 8 months.

His latest 3-track ‘Dark Riff’ EP doubles his catalogue in size, and combines original titles ‘Groans Of Misery’, ‘Lament Soul’, and ‘Unconscious Despair’.

Hosting a premiere for ‘Groans Of Misery’, we’re treated to a robust and punchy progressive techno track, which displays big kick drums, filtered synth melodies, and a tightly packed low end.

Kradriff – Dark Riff EP drops July 22nd as a self-release.

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