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Premiere: Karmon – Outline

karmon, diynamic, solomun, premiere

Rating: 8.5

After years of jamming out on guitar and drums Karmon was first introduced to electronic music in 2003 through musical experimentation with his brother; proceeding to attempt a range of different methods and set ups. In 2012 the artist we know as Karmon was created, a producer keen to implement inspiration from various styles into birthing his very own distinctive sound.

Karmon’s debut release ‘Turning Point’, released on Sintope Digital, was followed by ‘Wowshit’, released on Diynamic, and it wasn’t long before the Dutchman was attracting the interest of one of the pioneers in redefining European electronic music, Solomun, who would soon ask him to join their agency, DIY. Future appearances on Exploited and Sintope Digital illustrated the dawning of individuality as Karmon began to discover his signature style and, in 2014, the artist adopted a minimalistic style, fusing it together with his melodic sound.

Karmon’s latest work, ‘Outline’, is to be released on Solomun and Adriano Trolio’s Diynamic imprint; a label that from 2006 has showcased some of best and most forward thinking sound worldwide.

‘Outline’ begins with a steady bassline as light noise comforts you like a light flashing in the darkness. Tribal influenced drums come together with hypnotising vibrating sound before a dark synth ignites a groove.

Karmon’s adopted minimalistic style is extremely evident throughout, and it seems the artist has perfected the craft, introducing each new element with precision and efficiency. The track evolves further as low burning synths cry out in longing before evolving into a sound that provokes movement whilst also being rich in emotionality.