Premiere: Javi Lago - Hydrogen | Soundspace

Premiere: Javi Lago – Hydrogen

Premiere: Javi Lago - Hydrogen

Spanish techno producer Javi Lago makes his inaugural appearance on Argentine imprint Retórica Records, releasing a brand new 4-tracker titled ‘Hydrogen’.

Previously his tracks have come on a number of strong and stable record labels, including the likes of Alleanza, Planet Rhythm, and Sintetics Digital.

His debut on the Buenos Aires-based Retórica features original titles ‘Hydrogen’, ‘Helium’, ‘Lithium’, and ‘Beryllium’, and we have an exclusive premiere of the opening title track.

‘Hydrogen’ serves up a raw, darkened approach to techno, with big a kick-heavy club sound that includes big percussive rhythms and a powerful low end.

Javi Lago – Hydrogen EP drops July 21st on Retórica Records.

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