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Premiere: Hathor Libra – Omukade

Premiere: Hathor Libra - Omukade

Rating: 8.0

Returning to Larry Cadge’s London-based Smiley Fingers for his first original release since the August 2018 release of his Archetypum EP, Italian DJ and producer Hathor Libra brings new track Omukade to the label.

The five-track EP will put four promising remixes alongside the original mix, with an edit each coming from Marbox, Yin Yang Bangers, Kliz and Fabio Conca.

Premiering the original, we’re treated to a chunky blend of melodic techno and warm progressive. Glowing synth work, rumbling bass curves and a rhythmic bed of delay soaked percussion all stand out here.

Hathor Libra’s Omukade EP will drop July 26th on Smiley Fingers.