Premiere: grad_u - Geomagnetic Storm - Soundspace

Premiere: grad_u – Geomagnetic Storm

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Rating: 7.0

Grad_u, the founder of Redscale Records, began his musical journey through putting out drum and bass. A chance hearing of Fluxion’s ‘Prospect II’ would later push the producer further towards his new sound.

The next project for grad_u is a vinyl only release on his own label. The twelve inch is described by the label as having a “perfect balance between the dancefloor and mind.”

‘Geomagnetic Storm’ is taken from the B-side of the record. At eleven minutes long it’s a lengthy venture. Circulating atmospherics progressively guide the listener down a route that’s been planted with groove. Prolonged pauses between intensity result in a state of euphoria, just before the longing for movement takes you once more.

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