Premiere: Gonzo-Gonzo 'Collage' (Till von Sein Remix) | Soundspace

Premiere: Gonzo-Gonzo ‘Collage’ (Till von Sein Remix)

Till Von Sein, Soundspace, Cacao Records, Gonzo-Gonzo

Rating: 8.0

Gonzo-Gonzo has brought youANDme, Tigerskin and Black Loops to his Cacao Records imprint, a label he heads alongside K.E.E.N.E., and now it’s time he brings two more to the family; Till von Sein and Franck Roger.

The Central American producer delivers Collage EP, which gives us Collage and Cuidado originals alongside remixes from the aforementioned. We have a premiere of Till von Sein’s Collage edit.

Taking the up-beat attitude of the original, Sein turns this one into a percussion driven crowd pleaser, combining sunny harmonies with clean cut house grooves he crafts the best mix on the player for us.

Gonzo-Gonzo – Collage EP is set for a March 20th release via Cacao Records.