Premiere: Gheist Ft. Bayker 'Salvation' | Soundspace

Premiere: Gheist Ft. Bayker ‘Salvation’

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Rating: 9.0

We finish off the working week with German quartet Gheist’s return to Shir Khan’s Exploited label. This time around the group work with Bayker on vocals, and it’s a match made in heaven.

The Gheist three piece are a relatively new addition to the club scene, and already with multiple Exploited records under their belt and upcoming gigs at Razzmatazz and Watergate, it seems they’re investing everything they have.

At over 8-minutes long, Salvation is a production that deserves your unrestricted attention, it’s warm harmonies and crisp percussive grooves are Berlin in it’s sonic form, welcome an emotive top line and wide open break downs to the picture and you have a future classic in the making.

Gheist – Salvation is set for a March 13th release via Exploited.