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Premiere: Gayle San ‘Hit It’


Rating: 7.5

Singapore born, now Germany based artist Gayle San makes her debut with Steve Mulder’s Amsterdam label Orange Recordings. The EP which is titled The Fuzz On is made up of Hit It and What’s The Fuss. We premiere Hit It.

Previous appearances on the label have seen the likes of Durtysoxxx, Luca Gaeta and Mark Greene bring their tracks to Orange Recordings, so Gayle San is in good hands.

Sonically this one doesn’t wait around, it’s a heavy set bomb with pounding kick drums and diamond cut hat rhythms, San adds some filtered chords and a subtle dose of grit that gives a legitimate sense of experience, there are no gimmicks here.

Gayle San’s The Fuzz On EP is available 19th June on Orange Recordings.