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Premiere: Felix Kröcher – Stardust

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Rating: 8.0

Frankfurt’s Felix Kröcher is one of the finest techno producers in Europe today. He represents a sound that targets the club, inviting listeners in with engaging and immersive beats. Through the shaping of modern electronic music Kröcher has went on to play at shows around the world and has ventured into broadcasting with his own radio show, established in 2004.

Now the German producer is readying his debut release on Monika Kruse’s Terminal M. The Provident EP is a four tracker consisting of three originals and one remix courtesy of the Brasilian Victor Ruiz.

‘Stardust’ is a euphoric thumper. Long builds and huge climaxes dominate as a fiery groove is lit. Kröcher’s crosshairs are aimed solely at the dancefloor with this one. Sweaty.

Provident EP is out now on Terminal M.

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