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Premiere: Energy Boyz – Ray Of Light

Premiere: Energy Boyz - Ray Of Light

Rating: 8.0

The collaboration between Vancouver-based producers Garneau and Destrata is proving to be a fruitful one, at least if their latest Energize EP is anything to go by.

Combining original titles Ray Of Light, Energizer, Heat Exchanger, and Five Oh, the pair’s Energy Boyz alias delivers four hearty rave tracks to Top Billin Music.

The Finnish club music label has previously hosted releases from Todd Edwards, Meri, and Round Table Knights.

Premiering Ray Of Light exclusively in full, we find a vibrant and hyperactive production which offers up a blend of punchy breaks, gritty hoover basslines, and emotive string chords.

Energy Boyz – Energize EP drops January 21st on Top Billin Music.

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