Premiere: E1SBAR 'In Bronze' | Soundspace

Premiere: E1SBAR ‘In Bronze’

Premiere: E1SBAR 'In Bronze'

Rating: 7.5

One of them lives in Toronto, the other in Washington, D.C., they have never met in person or even spoke over the phone but somehow E1SBAR have successfully delivered an 11 track album.

Titled Looser Futurism, the LP is a statement to the opportunities and collaborations the internet gives us access to, now two people hundreds of miles apart can finish a full length record.

We premiere the opening track from the album – In Bronze. It’s a bright dance track with glowing harmonies, blissful drum samples and sparkling bell melodies. Stream it below.

E1SBAR’s Looser Futurism LP is available 13th October on Polar Vortex.