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Premiere: DJOKO – Pretend

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Rating: 7.5

Cologne artist DJOKO has come a long way since his early years of experimentation on Fruity Loops. The German producer has released on a variety of esteemed labels, including Chief Rec and Domino Effect, and his latest comes in the shape of a various artists compilation on Detroit label Country Club Disco.

The label is described as a “gentleman’s society” and is headed by Bryan Jones and High Cleal, aka Golf Clap. The project aims to stretch its creative limbs across every aspect of the industry, from apparel to lifestyle. Golf Clap Presents is an illustration of the ever growing community of artists that unite under the umbrella of creativity that Golf Clap and the label maintain.

DJOKO’s ‘Pretend’ is a deep infused house roller. A deafening kick moulds together with vibrating metallic sheets whilst a dark trance entraps the mind.

Golf Clap Presents is out on Country Club Disco on January 23rd.