Premiere: Distale - Seek | Soundspace

Premiere: Distale – Seek

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Rating: 7.5

Berghain is inspiration for many producers. The attitude towards techno that exists within Berlin ensures that it’s implemented as more than just a genre. Michael Knop, known as Distale, maintains a belief that the techno state of mind that is so present within Germany’s creative capital is very much an attitude towards living.

The Seek The Light EP marks Distale’s first solo outing on Upon.You Records. Two original tracks lie threateningly in the darkness, in addition to a remix from Gunnar Stiller, an artist who Distale came to know quite well during their time in the studio together.

Distale’s influential surroundings are clear from the get go. Pummelling techno wanders down an electro inspired melodic route, creating a concoction of threatening and inviting sound. ‘Seek’ wouldn’t sound out of place at the very parties that were the source of inspiration for the artist himself.

Seek The Light drops on Upon.You Records on February 6th.