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Premiere: Christian Nielsen – Still The Same

Premiere: Christian Nielsenn - Still The Same

Rating: 8.0

Copenhagen might not be the first city that comes to mind when you think of dance music hotspots, but DJ and producer Christian Nielsen is certainly making a statement that the Danish capital is here to party.

His music has landed on Selador, Of Unsound Mind and Sincopat, and this month he returns to Shir Khan’s Exploited Ghetto for the fifth time.

The Berlin-based label has previously seen music from some elite artists, including David Morales, Tigerskin, Luna City Express and more.

Nielsen’s new Still The Same EP combines Now You’re Free and My Love with the title track for a groovy, ready to go, three tracker.

Premiering the opening inclusion, we find a pop-tinged electro house track that throws up wispy hats, thumping kick drums, romancing vocal hooks and heart-warming synth melodies for an infectiously rhythmic club beat.

Christian Nielsen’s Still The Same EP will drop January 31st on Exploited Ghetto.