Premiere: Brennen Grey - Carpe Omne | Soundspace

Premiere: Brennen Grey – Carpe Omne

Premiere: Brennen Grey - Carpe Omne

Rating: 8.5

Spektre’s Respekt Recordings brought music from producers like Transcode, Harvey McKay, Juliet Fox and OC & Verde in 2019, and their 2020 schedule is looking to be as equally impressive.

First up on the Leeds-based imprint this year is Brennen Grey, who having previously ventured onto labels such as Kraftek, Riot, Intec and Octopus, follows a remix for Stiv Hey with his first original EP on Respekt.

Titled Carpe Omne, the three track EP combines the title track with Voice Of The Void and Les Dieux and we have the bespoke pleasure of premiering the headline inclusion.

Plump kick drums, turbulent basslines and angelic supersaw chords cut through the mix for a classic trance meets industrial techno club weapon that offers a throwback to ‘90s dance while also bringing plenty of modern day oomph.

Brennen Grey’s Carpe Omne EP will drop January 10th on Respekt Recordings.