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Premiere: Bjørnson – Freddie

Premiere: Bjørnson - Freddie

Rising star Bjørnson, a promising techno producer hailing from Stuttgart, Germany, has our attention piqued with his latest ’Freddie’ EP. Released under the Heimatliebe label, the 3-track EP delivers a robust techno sound that solidifies Bjørnson’s position as an up-and-coming force.

We premiere the opening title track, which is packaged alongside two other originals in ‘Ghosts of Life’, and ‘Revolution’. With each track offering its own distinct sound.

‘Freddie’ showcases Bjørnson’s style, blending thumping techno drums, raw, destructive basslines, and creative vocal samples from the late Queen front man, from which the track gets its name.

With previous releases on record labels like KD RAW and Hypnostate, Bjørnson has been steadily making his mark within the techno realm, and this EP is yet another milestone in his ever-evolving journey.

Bjørnson – Freddie EP is out now on Heimatliebe.

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