Premiere: Axel Haube ft. Running Pine - Fading (The Element Remix) | Soundspace

Premiere: Axel Haube ft. Running Pine – Fading (The Element Remix)

Premiere: Axel Haube ft. Running Pines - Fading (The Element Remix)

Eleatics has just announced the upcoming release of Axel Haube’s ‘Disconnected’ EP, which drops on April 28th.

The label, based in Ukraine, has a reputation for delivering top-quality electronic music, having previously released tracks from artists such as DJ Hell, Lehar, Armonica, Denis Horvat, and Patrice Baumel.

Axel Haube, who is from Antwerp, Belgium, has already begun to establish himself on the European club circuit with previous releases coming on record labels such as Watergate Records and Future Romance.

His ‘Disconnected’ EP features the original mix of ‘Disconnected’, alongside a second original in ‘Fading’, and remix work from Ivan Masa and The Element.

We are excited to exclusively premiere The Element’s remix of ‘Fading’. With an impressive track record on prestigious imprints like Afterlife Records, Engrave LTD, and Steyoyoke, he is a force to be reckoned with, and his edit is no different.

The remix features deep, swampy sub bass tones, stripped back drum rhythms, and uplifting vocals which are expertly combined to create a mesmerising and energetic sound.

Axel Haube – Disconnected EP drops April 28th on Eleatics.

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