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Premiere: Auriga (SP) – Paipah

Premiere: Auriga (SP) - Paipah

Rating: 8.0

Our second premiere from Odd Recordings’ forthcoming Oddyssey Vol.5 various artists album arrives today, coming in the form of Auriga’s new “Paipah” original.

Auriga, who hails from the Spanish city of Madrid, has been one a tear recently, racking up releases for some top quality imprints such as Set About, Addeepted, and Eclipse Recordings.

“Paipah” is a transient heavy techno weapon that serves robust drum rhythms and chunky basslines alongside chilling vocal hooks and metallic synth resonance, a recipe that results in a destructive club gem which we’re sure will light up any dancefloor it touches.

The track sits alongside inclusions from I Am Bam, DJ Pierre, Rocko Garoni, and others on Oddyssey Vol.5, and is one of our favourites from the 14-track project.

Oddyssey Vol.5 drops June 11th on Odd Recordings.