Premiere: Andres Line & Jdee - Country Hill | Soundspace

Premiere: Andres Line & Jdee – Country Hill

Premiere: Andres Live & Jdee - Country Hill

Rating: 7.5

Steve Lawler is without a doubt one of the most prolific label owners in all of UK club music, as alongside his flagship VIVa Music imprint, where many of the worlds top house producers have released, he also owns VIVa LIMITED and eVIVE Records.

It’s the latter mentioned label which has our attention on our latest premiere, as Andres Line and Jdee collaborate for their new ‘Back To The Future’ EP, which combines original titles ‘Tripode’, ‘Mamarta’, and ‘Country Hill’.

We host an exclusive premiere for ‘Country Hill’, a fired up and heavy set tech house track which features massive kick drums, chunky percussive grooves, and warm, club-ready basslines.

The release marks the second career outing for both artists, with their first also being a collaboration between them on Capadi Music back in 2019.

Andres Line & Jdee – Back To The Future EP is out now on eVIVE Records.

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