Premiere: Andre Pillar & Rohan (IT) - Reality | Soundspace

Premiere: Andre Pillar & Rohan (IT) – Reality

Premiere: Andre Pillar & Rohan (IT) - Reality

Throne Room Records have announced a new collaborative release from Andre Pillar and Rohan (IT), featuring two fresh original tracks in ‘Reality’ and ‘Error 404’. The EP showcases a raw, thumping techno sound, which features chilling vocals samples, hammering kick drums, and powerful synth melodies.

Andre Pillar and Rohan (IT), who are from Germany and Sweden respectively, have been making waves on the European techno scene for a few years now, thanks to their previous releases with record labels such as Immersion, LEGEND, and Orange Recordings.

Once again the Throne Room team prove they have the salt to hold their own, and with a string of successful releases from artists like Noemi Black, KUSP, D-Unity, and Rudosa, they continue to be one of the most consistent labels in UK techno.

Andre Pillar & Rohan (IT) – Error 404 EP is out now on Throne Room Records.

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