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Premiere: Anatta & Cormac – All Night

Premiere: Anatta & Cormac - All Night

Rating: 7.0

American producers Anatta and Cormac deliver their inaugural collaboration in the form of their new 4-track All Night EP.

Between them, the pairs past works have seen them appear on labels like Whoyostro, Random Collective, De-Noize Records and The Magic Movement, with this one also adding Sync Forward to the list.

The Porto-based Sync Forward have previously released productions from Lampe, Remotion and Dolbytall, among others, putting both Anatta and Cormac in good company.

The All Night EP includes two original tracks in All Night and Pleasures, alongside remix work from Pain&Panic and R/Tistique. We host an exclusive full length premiere for the opening title track.

Anatta & Cormac’s All Night EP drops November 27th on Sync Forward.