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Point Blank Deconstruct Michael Jackson’s ‘Thriller’ In Ableton Live

Point Blank Deconstruct Michael Jackson's ‘Thriller’ In Ableton Live


While the majority of people may just be getting over their Hallowe’en hangovers, Point Blank took it upon themselves to deconstruct the classic ‘Thriller’ from Michael Jackson using Ableton Live.

Written by Rod Temperton, produced by Quincy Jones and engineered by Bruce Swedien, ‘Thriller’ possesses an inimitable sound that is truly unique.

In the informative and engaging video, Oakenfull skilfully picks apart the whole ensemble using Ableton Live and dissects the bassline, synth strings and of course that spoken word Edgar Allan Poe­style spiel from Vincent Price. Oakenfull also does it all while dressed in the same attire Michael Jackson sports in the legendary ‘Thriller’ music video!

Point Blank currently offer the Ableton Live Diploma as one of their many courses, where students can learn how to use Ableton Live exactly as demonstrated in the video by Electronic Music Composition instructor Ski Oakenfull.