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Should pill testing become a compulsory part of UK nightlife?

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And round and round it goes. The debate on the legalisation of drugs is an extremely well documented one. One side calls for eradication, the other calls for an end to blatant ignorance.

This feature will look at international drug policies as well as closely looking at organisations and activists alike who are paving the way for research to be carried out across the drug and rave communities, provoking further determination and curiosity in order to create a safer environment for users.

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soundspace, UK, drug culture, ecstasy

08 / 08
This argument, again?

Ah, here we are again. That classic argument that never seems to come to an end. The liberal minded scream for updated legalisation, the governing bodies deny it, but that doesn’t make it go away.

Drug culture and rave culture walk hand in hand, side by side, down a road polluted with potholes and cracks. Just as to what these damages symbolise depends on entirely on what your stance is on the whole situation. If you’re the kind of person that believes the illegality of drugs, such as ecstasy, is enough of a reason to not partake in them, then fair enough, but the fact of the matter is that drugs are here, and they’re not going away.

I’m sure you all witnessed the tragic event that unfolded in Manchester only a couple of weeks ago. Faye Allen, a 17 year old girl from Liverpool, died after taking a pink Mastercard pill at Victoria Warehouse in Manchester. 17 years old. Doesn’t that just make you feel sick? A family are now in mourning, friends left devastated. Hasn’t this gone on long enough? Shouldn’t we be looking at this collectively, as a society, to try and find a solution?

Over the course of this feature I will attempt to do just that. The question I want to ask is, should pill testing become a compulsory part of the UK’s nightlife? Of course, there are many push and pull factors that surround this question. It may seem entirely scandalous to some, and to others it may seem a pretty reasonable and effective solution. Have a read and make up your own mind.

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