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Onur Ozman drops leftfield house EP on Suleiman

Canadian record label Suleiman is an imprint that in the past has put out tracks and remixes by artists such as Dave Aju, Kris Wadsworth, Butane, and Robert Babicz.

The label’s latest release comes from Onur Ozman, a deep house producer from Switzerland that has built a reputation of making tracks that blend tech grooves with jazz inspired melodies.

His music focuses on mood and vibes rather than genres, but his tracks are commonly associated with deep house. Suleiman has compiled an excellent five track release that feels like a mini album in the way it switches between different styles.

Offering an experimental opening from the EP’s title track ‘New Era’, it’s a face melting track where the lead synth swells with spine-tingling suspense before the kick drum rhythm switches to a breakbeat for a dramatic finish.

It then introduces the warm tones of ‘Counter’ which brings together a lively mix of aural textures that together paint a colourful picture of analogue sound.

‘Fermi Paradox’ is a timeless blend of a looping drum break and uplifting pads that come together for a groove laden slice of breakbeat house music.

Arguably one of the strongest tracks on the release is the distinctive vocal and heavy bassline of ‘Necropolis’, which is a dark and dystopian cut that’s brimming with personality.

This is a release that could easily find support in the deeper sets of someone like Ben UFO, Midland, and plenty of others.

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