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Oliver Huntemann talks ‘Propoganda’ LP and own label Senso Sounds

Oliver Huntemann talks 'Propoganda' LP and own label Senso Sounds

Mid-October saw the release of German techno DJ and producer Oliver Huntemann’s fifth album Propoganda, via his own label, Senso Sounds. Having been a producer for over two decades, Huntemann has seen collaborations with the likes of Dubfire, Stephen Bodzin and Andre Winter.

Creating a deeper sound which he has defined as ‘Trippy Techno’, Huntemann conveys a new sense of sound throughout this album, bringing in tones of his own expression on this album journey.

Hey Oliver, thanks for chatting to us! How’s it going?

All great at the moment. The year has been very exciting and successful so far. I have finished my new album Propaganda and my label Senso Sounds makes me also smile. I’m just back from a fantastic Australia tour and from now all is focused on the release of ‘Propaganda‘.

So you released your latest LP, Propaganda, on 13th October. This will be your 5th album; does it differ to the rest?

It took a bit longer to produce ‘​Propaganda’ than my previous albums but it was worth it. My intention was to develop my sound into something more grown up, something deeper, and I’m very happy with the result. It took a while to find the path which I call trippy techno but from there it​ was kind of easy going as I knew this is it.

Was there any inspiration behind the sound of ‘Propaganda’​?

I simply felt it is time again to express myself more than just with single releases. I had another story to tell and this is only possible by the medium of a long player. I like to have a name already to build tracks around it. Maybe not really like a concept album but with a certain plan. There are so many options with the meaning of Propaganda and it was fun to play with that. The perfect theme for my dark tunes.

What do you think is important to keep in mind when producing an album?

If you don’t have a story in mind it can be difficult to get satisfied with what you do. I always loved to present a certain variety in my productions without losing my style or the guiding thread. It’s also too boring to me just to create one club smasher after the other. I need the freedom to do other stuff such as electronica, down beat and not so superficial tracks as well but always with my personal recognisable touch.

​You’re releasing this album via your own imprint, Senso Sounds. Is there any reasoning behind this?

Is there any reason not to release the most personal piece of art on ​your​ own label? If I don’t believe in the power of my own label and team who else should? With the option of an own label I can do whatever I want. It couldn’t be better. My backing is professional and optimised for the music I produce and release. I don’t see the benefit of releasing it somewhere else as the distribution and administration structure of Senso Sounds is fantastic.

​​What is the logic behind the track order on the album; do you feel like each track has a defined place amongst the others?

After all my countless travels I see an album like a journey. Starting excited, having a good time, finding different places, making new friends, maybe going crazy somewhere and after, time to chill and come​ down, getting up again for the next adventures and then ​heading​ back home tired but satisfied and happy. With this in mind,​ I try to generate​ the tracklists​ of my albums.

​​Have you got any upcoming gigs / album launch parties you can tell us about?

​The release of ‘​Propaganda’​ was Friday 13th of October and on 14th we celebrated with a huge record release party at Übel & Gefährlich in my hometown Hamburg. I played an extended set and only Raxon supported before me.

The week after, we’re going to have a sweet Senso Sounds day party at Undercurrent, an incredible venue directly on​ the water, during Amsterdam Dance Event on Saturday. Just two days later I leave straight to Mexico City where I’ll be based for a month to tour North and South A​merica -​ t​his will kickoff my ‘Propaganda’​ Record Release Tour.​