Novelist showcases his romantic side on 'Girls Around The World' | Soundspace

Novelist showcases his romantic side on ‘Girls Around The World’

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South London MC Novelist has shared a new track via his Soundcloud. ‘Girls Around The World’ sees Nov take on what’s described as his first “love song.”

Despite being described as a romantic track the instrumental maintains the grimy, deep synths and bass that has been recognisable in grime since the genres birth. Romantic flutes can be heard amongst the darkness while Nov spits the ups and downs of a relationship through relatable and engaging lyricism.

It’s a change from previous work with XL Recordings and various channels. ‘Girls Around The World’ was premiered on a Periscope live stream on August 9th, the artist also revealed the track will be receive an official release soon.

A full album from Novelist is also in the works, the artist signed for XL Recordings last year.