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NoNameLeft release ‘Exaltation’ EP on UMEK’s 1605

UMEK’s 1605 imprint presents a solo EP from NoNameLeft, who are a duo from Hungary which have a dark and pulsating style of techno.

They already featured on the labels Desiderati 4.8 VA EP, and this three-track release is their first solo EP on 1605. Their music can also be found on other record labels such as Mark Reeve’s SubVision and Cosmic Boys’ Scander.

NoNameLeft’s tracks have a driving energy that is well suited to the peak time style that 1605 is known for, but they also have a stripped-back sound which crosses over into minimal territory.

The three tracks on this release are definitely on the techno side of things and it’s a solid solo release on a label that is a platform known to help new talent break through to the next level.

First on the release is ‘Exaltation’, a bass heavy cut which sets the tone for the rest of the release with a lead synth that’s lined with euphoria and a heavy kick drum that underpins the pounding groove.

‘Mass Effect follows a similar formula, but is more bass focused and has a vocal sample as the defining element. ‘Crystalline Substance’ ends the release with its epic lead synth and spine-tingling breakdown that builds suspense before the drums drop back in.

NoNameLeft – Exaltation EP is out now on 1605.

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