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Nina Kraviz’ трип announces it’s fourth and fifth releases

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Russian techno influencer Nina Kraviz is known for expert production quality and smooth dance moves, though one thing she’s maybe yet to become renowned for is her – fairly new – трип imprint (pronounced Trip).

Launched May last year the label soon became a trusted authority in the depths of murky techno, with Nina’s reputation and quality releases it has served as a comfortable output for authentic sonic beats.

трип now ready up for TRP004 and TRP005, two strong label players that aim to bring a timeless foundation to трип. Both players come as double 12″ packages, as well as digital offerings.

TRP004, ‘Ivan, Come On! Unlock The Box’ set for a November 13th release see’s a strong presence from Nina’s home country, with Russians Philipp Gorbachev, Roma Zuckerman and seventeen year old Vladimir Dubyshkin all serving cuts for this one.

The player also brings Detroits K-Hand to the label, and welcomes the return of Barcode Population alongside Nina herself. Our pick from the 8-tracker no undoubtably comes in the form of Barcode Population’s Marduk – which is delivered as a vinyl-only addition alongside Internum.


TRP004 Tracklist:
A1 Philipp Gorbachev – Ivan, Come On, Unlock The Box / Иван, Давай, Открой Коробку (Kraviz Edit)
A2 K-HAND – The Box
B1 Nikita Zabelin – Bells
B2 Vladimir Dubyshkin – Lose Yourself
C1 Barcode Population – Marduk (vinyl only)
C2 Roma Zuckerman – Geburt Part 2
D1 Barcode Population – Internum (vinyl only)
D2 Nina Kraviz – I Believe I Can Fly (KLM Delayed Flight Version)


TRP005’s ‘I Have A Question’ brings a similar offering, but in a slower, less tightly wound mood.

With Roma Zuckerman, K-Hand and Vladimir Dubyshkin returning from 004, Bjarki making his appreciated return and label head Nina putting her Fred P edit from her DJ-Kicks mix on the tracklist – трип’s fifth instalment is set to put you in a constant head bop.


TRP005 Tracklist:
A1 Roma Zuckerman – I Have A Question
A2 Population One – Escape
B1 Nina Kraviz – Let’s Do It
B2 Bjarki – PC Muscles
C1 DJ Sodeyama – Miles Pt.2
C2 Fred P – Higher Mentalism (Edit)
D1 K-HAND – Sound 6
D2 Vladimir Dubyshkin – Hair Like String Like a Harp


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