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Premiere: Nils Andreas – Panoramique Voyage

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Rating: 7.0

Normandy born artist Nils Andreas educated himself in the vast realms of music at a young age, taking up music theory and piano. From here he has indulged himself in a variety of sounds, most notably a form of romantic journey music that aims to transport the listener to an alternate reality. The producer’s latest project, Panoramique Voyage, is being released on French label Cepage Music and ties in perfectly with the spacey trip that Andreas is so inspired by. Each track of the forthcoming EP is a narration of a chapter within an ethereal novel.

Panoramique Voyage consists of four tracks. Cosmodrome, Panoramique Voyage, Turbulences and Maon, all are original productions that unfold a tale of interstellar voyage and soundscapes soaked in serenity.

The title track travels through a far away galaxy. Comets dangerously float overhead as alien life forms and mysterious ships from distant planets go to and fro. Spacey echoes and otherworldly atmospheres come into play as we prepare for the jump to hyper space. Stars twinkle amongst the vast and intimidating darkness. A true science fiction adventure.

Panoramique Voyage drops on Cepage Music on December 20th.

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