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Nicuri – Walks On The Boulevard


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Rating: 8.0


New Jersey native long time deep tech loyal Nicuri joins the newly launched Growin Music catalogue. The Berlin label welcomes the American for a lovely three track offering, an EP that should see a new and more appreciated chapter in the career of Nicuri.

Titled ‘Orbital Chords’, three cuts come in strong; ‘Holding The Four Winds’, ‘Digital Crush’ and ‘Walks On The Boulevard’. We bring you an exclusive full stream of the latter. Making up the third addition is a blend of organic house styles, from deep, to tech and all the way through more techno driven synth work.

The use of clean, well mixed machined drums brings the club flavour, while an aggressive and slightly filtered bassline drives the track on. Slow, quite ambient pad synths are present, displaying an emotional side of Nicuri through a soothing chord progression.

Get ‘Nicuri – Walks On The Boulevard’ via Growin Music.


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