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Nandu debuts on OFF Recordings with ‘Walk EP’ (Ft. Markus Nyberg)

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Denmark’s Nandu joins respected house output that is the German OFF Recordings imprint, serving three cuts in original mixes of Walk and Limon, alongside a remix from label head Andre Crom with his eclectic edit of title track Walk.

Having previous releases with Congaloid and Kindisch, Nandu teams up with Markus Nyberg for vocal duties on Walk and we have an exclusive full stream for you to enjoy.

Rolling into a broad groove from the start, Walk is a tech house gem that brings together crisp percussion, melodic synth plucks and epic vocals to showcase the sound of OFF in the best way possible.

With an edgy aesthetic that’s built from an emotive centre and glitchy audio one shots, Walk is a fitting addition to Andre Crom’s revamped label.



So who is Nandu?


Nandu is a relatively new project for me. I’m part of the duo Leman & Dieckmann, and we have been producing music together for almost ten years now. We have a certain way of working together, and the dynamic of two people creating music together is very interesting. But sometimes it’s just nice that you only need to answer to yourself – there is a lot of freedom in that. So that was basically the thought that kickstarted the project.

I have been playing music my whole life. I play the trumpet, and I have always been very fond of jazz and the Latin American sound, a lot of percussions and exotic vibes. And that definitely inspires me when I write music. I try to create an organic and raw sound in my music.

I record all my percussions myself, and use a lot of lo-fi outboard gear to try to create a dusty and dynamic sound. I think there is something very inspiring about working outside of the DAW, and my aim is to do it as much as possible.




Your ‘Walk EP’ is about to come out on OFF, tell us about the EP?


It’s a three-track EP consisting of two originals and a crazy remix by Andre Crom. The title track ‘Walk’ features the super talented Danish singer Markus Nyberg. It was my first time working with him, but we had such good chemistry, it felt like we had been working together for a long time.

I first played him the track and in no time he had the lyrics ready. If you listen closely, the lyrics are actually very political. They are a reflection of how it must be like to be running from your home and knowing that you might never come back.

When Andre remixed it he we was in close dialogue. He wanted to stay true to the original, and it was very important for him that I was happy with it. Both him and the other OFF guys are super cool to work with. They are very professional and honest.

I got in contact with them through OFF’s A&R, Guillaume (Melokolektiv) who is also on Kindisch, a label where I’m also signed, so it totally made sense to send him some demos. Second track is called Limon and is more “groovier”, whereas Walk is very dramatic and rough.




What can we expect from you for the rest of 2015?


Actually, the Walk EP is the last thing from me in 2015, but 2016 is looking very promising already. My second EP on OFF is set to go out in early spring, plus an EP on Stefano Ritteri’s label Congaloid, and then I’m releasing my debut album on Just Her’s label – Constant Circles – in the spring.

Besides that, I have some new releases in the pipeline, and at the moment I’m working on an EP for Kindisch.


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