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Namito features on new compilation from Kamai Music

Namito is a Berlin-based artist with Iranian roots who is known for releasing melodic club tracks on record labels ranging from Systematic Recordings, to Sol Selectas.

His style covers everything from upbeat melodic house and techno to organic house, and his latest release is a track on a compilation that’s out on Kamai Music, which focuses around organic house.

‘Sensitive Robot’ is the track by Namito, a mid-tempo slice of melodic house which features his trademark style that sends shivers down your spine with its majestic chord progressions that are washed in a delay effect. It builds to the suspense of an epic breakdown and is pushed forward by a chunky kick drum that is layered with energetic hi-hats.

The compilation titled, ‘Visions’, features 9 tracks in total, from a selection of artists at different points in their music careers, including Budajevo & Luca Zagaia, SAVAGE & SHē, Drahm, K-os Theory, Kon Faber, Stephen Herschel, Amentia, Bakean, and Farry.

Some of the tracks are collaborations, but all of them are well-produced tunes with immersive soundscapes and melodies that capture the imagination.

Various Artists – Visions is out now on Kamai Music.

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