Nachtbraker's 'Backstabber EP' on Dirt Crew is pretty great | Soundspace

Nachtbraker’s ‘Backstabber EP’ on Dirt Crew is pretty great

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Rating: 9.0


Amsterdam artist Nachtbraker returns to German imprint Dirt Crew Recordings. With him he brings a soulful player of five deep cuts, all putting something down on the table.

The EP is wonderfully crisp and boasts rich harmonies from start to finish and having disco, funk, house and tech all present Nachtbraker serves his eclectic creative genius with us house heads.

Hump starts things off with a house-disco vibe that’s light on its feet and does a good job of getting you moving from the outset. Title track Backstabber is up second – holding a more funk aesthetic with it’s beautiful chords and acoustic drum rolls, it’s one of the more melodic cuts on this one and we see it holding many a crowd come peak time.

Mid-way through we see Time Is Of The Essence, a hybird of house, soul and tech that brings organ synths and raw house drums, throw some light percussion in the mix and it suits the player nicely.

Our pick from the five comes in the form of Monday Mourning, a perc-driven, bass heavy house banger that gives off an authentic crunch of hats, cymbals and glittering shakers.

Dirt Crew close things out with digital-only addition Yaa, one of the deeper cuts it brings somewhat generic house drums and is probably closest to Time Is Of The Essence.


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