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Moullinex talks new album ‘Hypersex’

Moullinex talks new album 'Hypersex'

Portuguese producer and DJ Luis Clara Gomes has just released his latest album ‘Hypersex,’ under his alter ego Moullinex. After releasing tracks Maniac and Take My Pain Away, and remixing Northern Irish Band Two Door Cinema Club’s I Can Talk, alongside other remixes for Cut Copy and Røyksopp, whilst also founding his own label Discotexas, it’s fair to say Moullinex constantly strives to produce and do more with his music.

Moullinex’s third studio album is about more than the music, Moullinex takes inspiration from current events, seeing the world in all it’s greyness and tries to produce a sound which both enlightens and revolutionizes dance floors.

We had the opportunity to ask Moullinex a few questions about his new album.

Hey Moullinex, how’s it going?

All well thank you! Still buzzing from the release party on Wednesday!

You’re currently roaming about at the minute, as your Hypersex TV tour started on 16th September, are you enjoying it so far?

Yeah, very much so! We’re doing this new show format that spawned from the album having several collaborators. We decided to incorporate a drag show element into the live show, where a performer (Ghetthoven) embodies different characters while lip syncing to the original singers, as in a drag show.

You released your third studio album ‘Hypersex’ on 6th October, how does this album differ to the first two? 

I think this was the most natural. It’s outward-looking, as I am myself, really. I realized what I love to do most is to develop an idea, give it to someone to work on, and then work further on it so it becomes ours. It’s been like that for much of Hypersex, with all these amazingly talented guest singers and musicians involved. It’s also my most club-focused work.

You’ve described the album as “a collective love letter to club culture and our belief that we can dance our way to a better world.” How do you convey this through sound?

Dancing is the ultimate expression of happiness. The digitalization of our lives hasn’t yet taken over the dancefloor: we still seek dark rooms filled with strangers dancing to the same beat. The club has always been a place where lots of people from different walks of life come together and in the process create something new, an utopian reality opposed to the ones they experience in their daily lives. Despite the white-washing of club culture in modern society, it’s always been an agent of change, inclusion and revolution.

Would you say this is an album designed for the dancefloor?

Absolutely. Much like hypertext is a system designed to multiply connections between information, ‘Hypersex’ is a system to multiply connections between people. The dancefloor is the perfect metaphor.

You’ve said that, “The world we live in is getting sadder and grey. We don’t expect to change it with a record, but we might as well add some colour to it.” Do you find that current events inspire your work?

Very much so. I feel this album was my own response to many of the anxieties felt in moments like the Trump election, or the refugee crisis and lack of response to it in Europe. As reality felt like a nightmare, I think all I did was to seek an alternate space with my music.

If you could sum up the album sound in a few words, what would it be? 

We come together through dancing.

Thanks Moullinex!