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Mixing Electronic Drums w/ Free Plugins


Justin Lyndley (Tricky, Bloc Party) shows you how to take your drum sounds to the next level


A few weeks ago in FFL, Point Blank looked at creating a bigger drum sound for your drums with traditional techniques such as EQ and compression with their sound engineering instructor Ganesh Singaram. This time, they took drum production to the next level with some less conventional techniques in their latest FFL! Justin Lyndley is Point Blank’s Art of Mixing instructor – part of PB’s wider diploma course – and has worked with the likes of Klaxons, Lily Allen, Tricky, Bloc Party and many more, as well as releasing his own music on prestigious labels like Wall of Sound.

The latest FFL is all about tone-shaping and taking your drum sounds to the next level. Point Blank looked at techniques like re-amping, envelope shaping and everyone’s favourite, parallel processing. Don’t forget to subscribe Point Blank’s channel for more free tutorials and live events. And if you want to study with Justin at PB’s London campus, click here to find out more about their master diploma course.