MIX304: Black Girl / White Girl | Soundspace

MIX304: Black Girl / White Girl

MIX304: Black Girl / White Girl

With a catalogue of past releases which features top labels such as Relief, EI8HT, Symbolism, and Of Unsound Mind, Black Girl / White Girl have solidified their spot amongst the next wave of leading European club talent.

Following their contribution on MIX189, the Netherlands-based pair return to Soundspace for their second mix with us, this time delivering MIX304 to the series.

Putting together a one hour mix of deeply rooted house grooves and crunching techno basslines, the girls tracklist music from names like Bastian Bux, DJ ADHD, Annika Wolfe, Hertz, and Dubyshkin.

Get the tracklist and stream the mix in full below.

01. Hard Drive Library – Queen
02. Black Girl / White Girl – Ascension
03. Jossy Mitsu – Turismo
04. Ottonian – Work That Shit (This Shit Ain’t Real)
05. Annika Wolfe – Reload
06. Hedström & Pflug – Rückzug
07. Get Cosy – Terminal
08. DJ ADHD – Wobble (4X4)
09. Dejan Milicevic – Blow Me
10. Millhouse – Session Elbow
11. Newa – 80s
12. Administrator – _zeromean+finitevariance
13. Elton D – Nico (Hertz Remix)
14. Bastian Bux – Ocho
15. Yuri Suzuki – Side Effect
16. Confidential Recipe – What You Think
17. Trax Unit – You Did This To Yourself
18. Nina Kraviz – Skyscrapers (Dubyshkin La Villa Mix)

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