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MIX294: Cri Du Coeur

MIX294: Cri Du Coeur

Flash Recordings, Hydraulix, and his own Arkham Audio imprint might be the only labels that Cri Du Coeur has released on own music with up to now, though his career is a glowing example of quality over quantity.

Arkham Audio return to our feeds next month for one of their biggest outings to date, dropping a 2-part compilation album which features cuts from some of techno’s top producers, including Insolate, Dustin Zahn, JoeFarr, Madben, and more.

Cri Du Coeur marks the release with an exclusive mix on our series, which alongside some tracks from his new VA album, also tracklists a couple of deep, pulsating techno gems from the likes of Yan Cook, Shlomi Aber, and VIL.

Get the full tracklist and stream MIX294 from Cri Du Coeur below.

01. Yan Cook – Micron
02. Psyk – Nine
03. Translate – Aspect Bias
04. DJ Hyperactive – So Nasty
05. TWR72 – Mono
06. Deas – Confusion
07. K-Ten – Nightwalker
08. D-Saw – Track 10:30
09. Planetary Assault Systems – Shine
10. Rony – VLVT Nights
11. Truncate & Ruskin – Sketch 3
12. Marcal – Cyclic Voltammetry
13. Jeroen Search – Zero Day Exploit
14. Function – Misinterpretations Of Reality
15. Rene Wise – Pleasure Note
16. Shlomi Aber – Tilim At Night
17. VIL – Monojunk
18. Temudo – Torres Vedras 8am
19. Arnaud Le Texier – Rituals
20. Dustin Zahn – Ejected
21. Temudo – Float Here Forever
22. Oscar Mulero – Area
23. NØRBAK – His Faith Will Be Our Defeat