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MIX279: Xenia (UA)

MIX279: Xenia (UA)

The club scene of Eastern Europe and Asia is one of the fastest growing in the world right now, with countries like India, Turkey and Ukraine producing a long list of musical exports in recent years.

One of the most exciting to come out of Ukraine is Xenia (UA), who since putting tracks out with Set About and Codex Recordings has launched her own Numen label and seen millions of plays across her livestreams in 2020.

Xenia (UA) debuts on our own series this week, bringing 60 minutes of pulsating techno rhythms that combine bubbly acid lines and roaring sub frequencies with robust club drums and stimulating build ups.

Her tracklist includes cuts from Jay Lumen, Spartaque, Fatima Hajji and Metodi Hristov, alongside a few tracks of her own. Get the full mix stream and tracklist below.

01. Xenia (UA) – Stimulant X
02. Ignacio M. & Play Insane – Relicant (Zerotonine (DE) Remix)
03. Jay Lumen – Dust
04. Fatima Hajji – Liberty
05. LuizFribs – Move It
06. Dorian Parano – The Glue (Roby M Rage Remix)
07. Metodi Hristov – Outshine
08. Xenia (UA) – Acid React
09. Dusty Kid – Kore (Cosmic Boys Remix)
10. Marie Vaunt – Hex
11. Bastet & Rommo – Zodiac
12. Fatima Hajji – Aslam King
13. Dani Sbert – Estafa (Diego Straube Remix)
14. Mehmet Özbek – Acid Rain
15. Spartaque – We Will Be Here Again
16. Zafer Atabey – Stormrider

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