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Michael Klein talks ‘You’ EP, working with labels, and his goals for 2022

Interview: Michael Klein

In just a few years, Berlin-based artist Michael Klein has went from being a relatively unknown name to now one of the most promising studio talents on the European techno circuit.

His tracks have come via labels such as Pan-Pot’s Second State, Sven Väth’s Cocoon Recordings, and Eats Everything’s EI8HT, with his most recent You EP landing on Arkham Audio at the beginning of last month.

We got the opportunity to have a quick conversation with Michael, where we asked him all about the new tracks, his thoughts on the included remixes, which other labels he might be working with soon, and more. Get the full discussion with Michael Klein below.

Last month saw you drop your new You EP on Arkham Audio, talk us through the process of making the three originals on this one?

These originals are a hybrid between jam sessions on my modular system and some heavy effects processing and arrangement in Ableton. I like to keep things constantly evolving and moving, so creating the main themes on the modular was perfect for all of this.

And it includes remixes from Temudo, Dustin Zahn, and Cri du Coeur & Erratum, how did you react when those first came back?

I have to say I was pretty blown away as I’m a big fan of all of these artists. The remixes showcase a very wide range of techno and make the EP a very interesting package for almost everybody, offering tracks for every moment of a DJ’s set.

You’ve also released music on Second State, Cocoon Recordings, and EI8HT, how do you approach things when you want to release on a certain label?

I don’t have one particular sound or direction when I produce. I just produce the music that I personally enjoy. So sometimes things turn more underground, sometimes more trippy, and sometimes things become a bit more… let’s call it functional, for lack of a better term.

Once I collect enough tracks that somehow fit together, I either release them on my own label BLK DRP, or pitch them to a label where I think they would fit best with that labels overall direction. But I try to keep things close and normally send things to labels who I have some kind of relationship with.

And which other labels might we see you on in the near future?

I want to put a lot more focus on my own label BLK DRP now. But of course I will still pitch to the labels I call home, like Cocoon or Second State. There is a release coming up soon on Volster’s label Secession next month. I am pretty excited about this one as I have been a fan of the label for a while now, and the track that will be coming out also symbolises a milestone for me in regards to a different musical facet of mine.

2021 was another difficult year for club music, how did you spend your time during the different periods of lockdown?

I spent a lot of time making music and learning about production. Aside from this I got into cycling a lot, which is the first sport I have done for years and I’ve loved seeing the effects it has on my state of mind.

What’s one new skill you picked up last year?

Building bikes haha.

And one thing you hope to learn this year?

I would love to refresh my knowledge in regards to playing the piano and harmonics.

What other goals have you set yourself for 2022?

Build my label BLK DRP into a proper platform for other artists and to build a small artist family of my own here.

Thanks for answering our questions, give us a piece of advice before you go?

Try to see something positive in the things that are happening around us these days. I remember having a big downer at the beginning of the pandemic, but after I realised that I can not change it and started to productively use the time for things I never had the time for before, it made things a lot easier and now I’m certain things will soon get better and back to normal.

Michael Klein – You EP is out now on Arkham Audio.

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