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Mha Iri drops her first techno release of 2022

Mha Iri was one of 2021’s breakthrough techno producers thanks to her many releases on UMEK’s esteemed 1605 imprint.

Originally from Scotland, but a long-time resident of Australia, Mha Iri spent many years working her way to the top of the Aussie club scene to become one of Australia’s leading techno DJs, she is now known globally for her top-selling studio productions.

Her early releases came via the likes of Spektre’s Respekt, but it’s 1605 where she seems to have found her true home, as since first appearing on UMEK’s record label, she hasn’t worked with any others.

UMEK has become a true champion of Mha Iri’s sound, and also collaborated with her last year on a track called ‘Watchers Of The Sky’, which charted for many weeks on download charts on stores like Beatport.

Mha Iri’s latest release on 1605 is the imprints first of 2022, and they have started things with a bang, as the explosive two track EP sets a high standard.

The releases title track ‘Open Up’ has a dramatic vocal and an epic breakdown which has a roaring bass synth and suspenseful pads, as it builds towards slamming the drums back in, and delivering a full throttle finish.

‘Resistance’ also has a compelling vocal, alongside grinding synth textures which burst to dramatic effect, and the frantic melody line adds further intensity to the cut.

Mha Iri – Open Up EP is out now on 1605.

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