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Max Porcelli shares new single ‘Daisy’

Max Porcelli shares new single 'Daisy'

Between singles, EPs, albums and glorious partnerships with the likes of Inaya Day, Angie Brown, Jocelyn Brown, Cheryl Porter, and many others, Max Porcelli has amassed over 50,000 streams on Spotify.

A large part of his repertoire can be found on 989Records, a label that is still going strong on the main platforms under his command, as well as heading up the HTMEM Academy. The latest addition to Max’s career is a partnership with Be Adult Music with the release of his single ‘Daisy’.

The piece, which yielded three versions for the public, was released June 6th on Spotify and celebrates the beginning of the European summer with light elements and a soft beat that follows the rhythm of the heart in a well-orchestrated and rich organic house.

The genre (which peaked in Brazil in mid-2009 and remained a favourite until mid-2017) arrives in South America with a new twist in Max’s hands.

Max has opted for a tapestry which lines the dancefloors with good taste and a lesson in the dynamics of the genre. Available in three versions – extended mix, instrumental mix and radio edit – ‘Daisy’ tells an exciting and engaging story.

Max Porcelli – Daisy is out now on Be Adult Records.

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