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Interview: Lauren Lo Sung

Interview: Lauren Lo Sung

Lauren Lo Sung has paid her dues and put in the time in both the studio and the DJ booth, playing alongside some of the top underground house DJs in the world, as well as releasing music on labels like PIV and Circus Recordings.

Now the Liverpool talent owns a few labels of her own, and even has experience as a promoter thanks to throwing parties under her LOLiFE brand.

More recently, she collaborated with British house veteran Josh Butler, with the release coming via Butler’s own Origins Rcrds, where names such as Mat.Joe, Secondcity, and Richy Ahmed have made appearances.

We spoke to Lauren to ask about the new collaboration, why she decided to launch a label of her own, and what we might expect to see on LOLiFE and e1even Records in the near future. Get the full discussion below.

You recently dropped your new collaboration with Josh Butler on his Origins Rcrds imprint, how did that partnership come about?

I’ve known Josh for about 10 years, since the early days of both our careers. We’ve been friends for a long time. Over lockdown we were chatting and ended up sorting out a studio day together, we only live 30 mins away from each other too which helps! We ended up making something really deep and trippy, it was really fun to make and both our styles merged together well I believe.

And can you talk us through the track in your own words?

I think it’s a track you could really enjoy while driving in the night. It’s deep, floaty, groovy, and trippy, we worked the vocal quite a lot on this one, it was really fun.

You’ve also worked with imprints like Locus, PIV, and Rutilance in the past, what kind of things do you consider when looking at a label for a release?

I think it’s important to be selective with labels, you want to reach the right audience. I have quite a distinctive taste in house music, so it’s pretty easy for me to decide where to send my music. It helps when you build relationships with the label owners over time, too.

It can be a very frustrating process when you’re first starting out but over time your music gets better so you end up with more options on where to send stuff.

Which other labels might we expect to see you on soon?

I have a remix coming out this December on PIV as well as plenty more releases next year which I can’t mention just yet.

You own two labels of your own in LOLiFE and e1even Records, what made you want to launch a label?

I wanted to have the freedom to release what I wanted, with my own vision. It’s nice to release with other people’s labels but it’s very special to put music out which you have created on your own label. You have full control of everything and it’s good for your own brand too.

Both labels are doing really well, I don’t release something for the sake of it, there’s no pressure to release every month, we just put out good music when we sign it, that’s been tried and tested on dance floors for a while first.

And what part of running a label do you find most fulfilling?

Being able to release my favourite artists music, and my own of course.

Between the two labels, you’ve released tracks from DJOKO, East End Dubs, James Dexter, DJ Steaw, and Phreaks of Visions, who else might we see release on LOLiFE or e1even Records?

We have a fire VA coming next for our special 11th release on e1even records, featuring 11 tracks from some of my good friends. On LOLiFE’s next EP we have something really cool from Len Lewis, with an unbelievable remix from Traumer. I’ve been playing the remix out a lot lately and it goes off!

Thanks a lot for taking the time to answer our questions, is there anything else you would like to mention before we go?

Keep an eye on our LOLiFE instagram page, we have some amazing events lined up for next year.

Lauren Lo Sung & Josh Butler – Vortex is out now on Origins Rcrds.

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