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Kevin Over explains curating Mobilee’s Back to Back Vol. 11 album

Kevin Over explains Back to Back for Mobilee

Aged just 25 years old, German DJ Kevin Over has ticked more boxes than most, having released music on Adam Beyer’s Truesoul imprint and Anja Schneider’s Mobilee, now returning to Mobilee he curates Vol.11 of the annual ‘Back to Back’ compilation series.

The album sees the inclusion of some of Kevin’s biggest tracks from the Mobilee catalogue, alongside unheard work from himself, remixes of both Kevin’s music and other members of the Mobilee family.

“Since I started doing music, I was focusing on releasing singles, remixes or an EP with a maximum amount of six tracks. I always wanted to do a record that had the character of an LP, but I wasn’t sure how to do it in a way that made sense to me.

When Anja asked me to handle the new ‘Back to Back’ compilation, I just felt that it was the right moment to finally challenge myself with the idea of doing a club-ready LP.

I have experienced different emotions and influences from dance music over the years and my goal was to bring them together in this club-orientated project.

The completed ‘Back to Back’ has 12 tracks on the compilation. They are characterized by this contrasting approach in sound – warmth of the melodies and roughness of the beats as you can hear a lot of influences coming through from deep house and garage house, as well a basement full of passionately chosen samples from the last 40 years of music.

In addition to five new tracks from myself, there are remixes for Anja Schneider, Rodriguez Jr. and William Djoko. I am also happy to say that Jacob Korn, Soulphiction and Marquis Hawkes are on board with interpretations of my works.

My vision was to create a musically defined LP, which shows off the different styles of house music I like to play and listen to in a club. I also liked the social character of this project, as it’s bound with the mobilee crew and there are already a lot of great ‘Back to Back’ club tour nights linked to this project and some more to come.

So, for me, this project is also a great memory of a great time!”

Grab ‘Back to Back Vol.11’ now – Part.1 | Part.2 | Part.3.