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Keees. talk Pour The Milk, new track Orch, Irish talent and more

Interview: Keees.

Promising Irish duo Keees. return for the follow up to their highly successful Robbie Doherty collab ‘Pour The Milk’, which since release has amassed over 21 million streams on Spotify and placed in the official UK top 40.

This time out the boys link up with Dan Mckie for new track ‘Orch’, which arrives later this week via Mckie’s own 33 Music imprint. The EP brings two tracks in total, with the original being paired with a great remix from Davina Moss.

We caught up with Keees. to chat about the success of Pour The Milk, how they ended up working with Dan, and which Irish talents they rate most, get the full discussion below and listen to ‘Orch’ below.

Let’s start with the success of Pour The Milk, 21 million streams on Spotify, a UK top 40, and heavy radio support from the likes of Radio 1, you must be feeling quite proud right now?

Absolutely, it has been a crazy and quite overwhelming experience if I’m honest. We can’t thank everyone enough for the support.

It also got some remixes from Ejeca, Matt Sassari and Sammy Porter among others. Do you have a favourite from the edits?

We honestly couldn’t pick one from these remixes, they all have their own vibe and we think they are all as equally great. They did a great job!

Your follow up release is a collaboration with Dan Mckie titled Orch, how did you come to work with Dan?

The release has been in the making for quite a while, I think it has been around 2 years since we had first contact with Dan. We sent the idea over to him and he heard some potential in it and was able to add some of his own sounds into it. Since then we made it a collaboration and are now releasing it on one of his labels, 33 Music.

And the EP includes a remix from Davina Moss, what was your reaction when her final version came through?

Amazing! She has definitely captured that underground DC10 vibe. We love it!

Due to the current pandemic, you didn’t quite get to enjoy too much touring off the back of Pour The Milk, what do you have planned for when normality somewhat returns?

The truth is since Pour The Milk was released we haven’t actually got to play it out live. We basically missed all those memorable crowd reactions so hopefully when things do return to somewhat normal we will still be able to experience whatever energy is left over from the track on the dancefloor.

Like ourselves, you’re from the Emerald Isle, who are your favourite Irish artists right now?

This is a hard one. We are going to stay away from Irish DJs as there are so many great artists out there. Favourite bands & singers right now are Fontaines D.C., Dermot Kennedy & Ryan McMullan.

And which emerging Irish artists do you think are going to be doing big things in the next few years?

Since lockdown I think Irish artists have really knuckled down and used this time wisely. Everyone has seemed to have stepped it up a level. Off-hand we are going to say both our good friends, Alfie Gold and Robbie Doherty. Go check out some of their stuff. It’s amazing, but the list goes on. Exciting times ahead for the Irish scene.

Lastly, where is the best place to follow your updates online?

All our updates will be over at Facebook, Instagram & Twitter. You can catch them at @keeesmusic. Thanks for taking the time out to interview us. It has been our pleasure! – Keees.

Keees. & Dan Mckie – Orch EP drops August 28th on 33 Music.