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It’s Good To Be A Tree presents 9 track organic house comp ‘G2B3:comp-01’

It’s Good To Be A Tree is a new record label that’s returning for its third release with an impressive artist compilation that features nine different tracks.

Despite being only a few releases in, the label has already started to establish a trademark sound, which orientates around organic house / downtempo.

The label’s debut release in September 2021 was an LP by label boss Sergey Pushkin, and he also features a track on this latest release titled G2B3:comp-01.

G2B3:comp-01 follows a seven-track release by Nomusicians, and the full list of artists who feature on this new one is Zoe Reijue, Yassen, Betelgeize, Waxwood, Needze, Last Gentleman on Playa, elzy padme, Isnomad, and Sergey Pushkin.

All of the tracks have a tempo around 110 BPM or lower, and have deep atmospheric textures that submerge the listener into a world of imagination.

The plodding groove and vibrant offbeat percussion rhythms create the dance floor elements that give this release DJ appeal, but it also plays as a well put together playlist for those who are just looking for some nice music to put on their phone.

Each of the tracks have their time and place on a dance floor, but a couple stand out as ones that could be particularly popular. Yassen’s track ‘Ornament’ has a nice tantalising suspense and Ushba’s ‘Waxwood’ has a quirky little groove that would do more than just get those shoulders shuffling.

Last Gentleman on Playa’s ‘Metarenessanse’ is a defined highlight for DJs looking to find music for their sets, and Isnomad’s ‘Spain’ has a flamenco influence that gives it a nice upbeat feel.

Sergey Pushkin’s ‘Be Water’ is a nice close to the project, as its distinctive vocal sample and laidback vibe are a nice combo.

Various Artists – G2B3:comp-01 is out now on It’s Good To Be A Tree.

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