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Interview: Supernova

Interview: Supernova

Italian duo Supernova are no doubt one of the most versatile acts in European house music. Their tracks have landed on a ton of impressive labels, including Defected, Get Physical and Elrow.

Besides their own productions, they also offer other artists the chance to share their sound via their own Lapsus Music label, an imprint that has put out music from Pirupa, David Keno, Archie B, Joeski and more.

The pair recently made their return to Nhan Solo’s Berlin based Mother Recordings, with a delightful two tracker titled Buy Me A Drink, we caught up with them to talk about the EP, as well as their touring schedule and what’s to come in 2019.

It’s great to ask you guys some questions, we have been big Supernova fans for quite some time. How are you both?

Hi guys thanks for the interest in us and our music, glad you like it since some time! We are both well, back in the studio after a small tour in USA, working on new music and new projects as well as selecting cool tracks for our labels Lapsus Music, Downtown Underground and Blackboard.

We have been enjoying your new Buy Me A Drink EP on Nhan Solo’s Mother Recordings, how did the tracks come together in the studio?

We were looking at a proper follow up of The Joy for our new release on Mother Recordings, so we started to check many Gospel vocal samples around. But we didn’t want to use a regular Gospel, but more something that was close to a Gospel but a bit different, unusual. We did find this great old school Gospel acapella that was fitting what we had in mind, but it originally had a really slow bpm. We tried to build a solid and groovy beat around it and found out that it was working great even at a faster bpm. While for Buy Me A Drink we had this solid and raw house deep beat done in studio and one day we went through this curious speech of a guy that was talking about clubs, women and drinks and we felt it was the right sample to complete the track.

And recently you went on tour across North and South America, Asia and other spots, did you try the tracks out before putting the final touches to them, how did they go on on the dancefloor?

Yeah we always try our tracks many times before sending them out to a label. Even this time, before sending them to Nhan, we tried them all over the summer and we got always really good feedback from the dance floor so we hope to have the same feedback now that they will be released on Mother.

Besides Mother, you have released with Elrow, Defected, Get Physical and others, what advice would you give to someone considering sending out their demos to labels?

Of course it’s important to look at what a label usually release before sending them a demo. It does not have sense to send a hard techno track to a house music label, but it’s most important to stick to your own sound and always try to produce something new and impressive. Most of the labels receive hundreds of demos per week, so it’s really hard to stand out. That said, even if the label pass on your demos once, never give up and keep on sending them good and appropriate music.

And can you give us any information on any labels you might be appearing on in the next few months?

After this Mother Recording release we have a new EP out on Nick Curly & Gorge’s 8Bit in December, while in January we have a new one on Lapsus Music. We are also working on some more house-y beats for our new label Downtown Underground, so expect a Supernova release on that one as well soon.

What about DJ gigs? Anything exciting coming up?

We recently came back from a week in USA (Vegas/Denver/Nyc) and this week we play at Moss Club in Alicante. In December we will play in Dublin, Florence, Rome, Milan, Udine and at Kater Blau in Berlin, while in the new year we start our residency at Mind Club (Empoli), we go back to USA in January 2019 and we have Five Senses Festival in Thailand (February) and Circus Paradise Festival in Brisbane, Australia (March).

Thanks for taking the time to chat, before we go, tell us your favourite track so far in 2018?

It’s like the wave for a surfer, we’r still awaiting the best one!

Supernova’s Buy Me A Drink EP is out now on Mother Recordings.