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Interview: SLV returns to Soma for Under Pressure EP

Interview: SLV

Berlin-born producer SLV grew up in a city that lives and breathes techno, naturally leading him down a path of heavy beats and dominating basslines.

Fast forward a few years, and his catalogue now boasts outings for labels like UNCAGE, Virgo and Modular Expansion, though perhaps most impressively, Soma Records.

The seminal Scottish imprint has been responsible for many timeless classics over the years, and SLV’s contributions to the label have solidified his standing amongst European club music.

We caught up with him following his recent return to Soma for his Under Pressure EP, where we talked about his past releases, what’s to come in 2021, how he’s been handling the pandemic and more.

Last month you returned to Soma for your Under Pressure EP, talk us through the two originals on this one?

Hello everyone and thanks for this interview, when I wrote the EP I was in Spain and in fact was under a lot of pressure due to moving house and later because I found myself locked in the house due to covid restrictions. Let’s say that the title Under Pressure was born from this.

About the tracks included, I was very inspired by the old 90’s records with those sharp synths and huge kicks.

And it also features remix work from Slam and Thomas P Heckmann, what are your thoughts on those?

I have always been very inspired by Thomas and Slam, they are two techno pioneers of those early years, in fact when I proposed these remixes the Soma team was on board right away and I was super happy.

Among your past releases you’ve also appeared on UNCAGE, Virgo and Modular Expansion, what labels might we see added to this list in 2021?

I am working a lot on my artistic path and I strive to do better and better. I have a VA on Arjun Vagale’s Asymetrik label which will be released soon, then another VA on with super names and yet another VA on Moments In Time, together with many friends. For the near future, I will focus on other EPs and I hope to finish my new album.

You’re an Italian based in Berlin, what’s some of the biggest differences you’ve noticed between Italian and German clubs?

Yes, I am Italian but I have lived in Berlin for almost 8 years. I think that the first major difference is the freedom of expression of every single individual: in Berlin, you are free, and you already feel this freedom when you arrive in the city.

I speak of freedom of expression because in fact you can go to clubs as you like, in some clubs you can also go naked and no one judges you, but of course, obviously always respecting other people!

Not to mention the spectacular venues with those atmospheres that only Berlin can have, in my opinion Italy is no less but obviously, the mood of the parties is totally different in most places.

And how has Berlin changed since the start of the pandemic?

Berlin is still locked down, as is all over the world. It is a surreal situation. For now, I preferred to go back to Italy and live this moment as close to my family as possible. I will be re-establishing myself in Berlin next winter.

Now that more vaccines are being distributed everyday, how hopeful are you that clubs will open again in 2021?

I begin to see a light to this tunnel. I have heard from friends who say that in England they will reopen in June. Let’s hope for the best and as soon as possible, to return to dance and hug us all together!

And what’s the biggest lesson you’ve learned while being a DJ during a pandemic?

I think that in life you have to be multifaceted, and not dwell on just one thing. Always go out of your way and find new solutions to survive. Unfortunately this sector has been hard hit and damaged, but we will get up and come back stronger than before. In this pandemic, I have learned and have missed many things but the most important is to be close to people.