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Interview: Sapphist Eye talks ‘Another Side’

Interview: Sapphist Eye

Photo: Linda Trime

Emerging French artist Sapphist Eye will make her debut on CHLOÉ’s Lumiere Noire imprint this month with the release of her new ‘Another Side’ EP.

The tracks will come as two separate releases with a single dropping on February 9th, and the full EP coming later in the month on February 23rd.

Her techno-leaning sound has already seen her release with labels like Les Disques du Lobby and Verticale Barbieturix – and Lumiere Noire is a solid addition to her catalogue.

We spoke with the young Parisian to chat about the new EP, which clubs she enjoys most in the French capital, and what else she’s hopeful for in 2024.

So who is Sapphist Eye?

Hi! I’m a French DJ and more recently a producer from Paris, where I’m also based full time.

You’re about to release ‘Seedy Streets’ on Lumiere Noire – talk us through the track in your own words?

‘Seedy Streets’ was originally the second track I made for my EP, and one of the more powerful ones to me. I wanted to convey a journey, with a lot of emotion, progressing from anger to something akin to liberation.

And a full EP will also follow later in the month, why did you decide to separate the tracks?

So ‘Seedy Streets’ is being released first as a single to make the pleasure last and to prepare for what comes after haha. It kind of made sense to do it that way. I think it could be a great track to start a DJ set with – so I chose it to open the EP with it too.

You’re affiliated with Parisian collective Barbi(e)turix, how have you found the experience of working with those guys? 

I’m not a part of the collective, but I was lucky enough to be featured on their BBX #2 compilation with my track ‘Exist Everywhere’ as the winner of the competition alongside another artist – Oonagh Haines. The compilation features 18 excellent female and queer artists and was sponsored by CHLOÉ. I’m very proud of this, as I’ve known this leading collective in the Parisian lesbian nightlife scene for several years, having attended many of their parties. It was a bit like consecration to be on this compilation.

And on the Paris club-scene in general, what are some of your favourite clubs to play in the French capital?

I would say Le Cabaret Sauvage because I have great memories there. I really like the layout of the room and the space in general.  Also, A La Folie Paris, where I’ve played a lot, because there’s an intimate feel to it and the people there are really nice and warm.

What goals have you set yourself for 2024?

I’d like to concentrate on production. In particular, setting up a new studio and starting to build a live show. I don’t know how long that will take, but it would be a real achievement for me to be able to offer that. And continue to enjoy making music for me and others!

Thanks a lot for talking to us, we hope you have a great year.

Thanks for your interest in me and my music. Have a great year too.

‘Seedy Streets’ (single) is out February 9th and ‘Another Side’ (EP) is out February 23rd – on Lumiere Noire.

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